What to know - Stromboli

What to know?

Stromboli is a volcanic island part of the Aeolian Islands archipelago. It is a volcano in continuous eruptive activity, populated and visited for centuries.  
Its principal morphological feature is the Sciara del Fuoco: a steep slope that descends from the craters to below sea level, where much of the material erupted by the volcano pours out.             

Ordinary activity is usually characterized by explosions every 10-20 minutes, called "Strombolian." The volcano can also produce more intense and dangerous "major" and "paroxysmal" explosions and effusive eruptions. 
Stromboli's activity can cause further phenomena such as landslides, tsunamis, fires, and earthquakes. Therefore, it is essential to know the relevant correct behaviors to adopt.

An advanced monitoring system of geophysical and geochemical parameters related to the volcano's activity is active on Stromboli, which allows the detection of possible evolutions of its activity state. Specifically, the opening of new effusive vents is generally foreseeable; paroxysmal explosions can be predicted only minutes in advance; major explosions are not currently predictable. 

According to the monitoring and ongoing phenomena, an "alert level" indicating the state of volcano activity (green, yellow, orange, red) is set. Some dangerous phenomena, such as paroxysmal explosions and tsunamis, can happen suddenly, regardless of the current alert level. 
Therefore, two experimental automatic Early Warning systems are operating on the island linked to acoustic alarms (sirens).

According to the different alert levels, the plan determines the possible operational phases (attention, pre-alarm, alarm) that establish the actions of the Municipality of Lipari, the Sicilian Region, the Civil Protection Department, and the structures of the National Civil Protection Service to protect the population.

  • There is a trail network on the island that allows you to reach the different elevations of the volcano. The viability of the routes is regulated by Ordinances of the Mayor of Lipari. 
  • Bathing and boating in the waters around the island, particularly in front of the Sciara del Fuoco, are regulated by Harbour Master's Orders. 
  • At Stromboli and Ginostra, there is an acoustic warning system (sirens) that is activated with two different sounds in case of an impending paroxysmal explosion or tsunami.