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I don't take risks is active on Facebook and X under @iononrischio and on Instagram as @io_non_rischio. There is also an active YouTube channel and Flickr profile where photos and videos of the campaign are available.

The profiles have daily monitoring from 8 AM to 8 PM carried out by the Communication and Culture of Civil Protection Service of the Civil Protection Department. During special events, there may be a variation in the monitoring activity.

The details of the social media policy on interactions on our channels are provided here below. The social media policy is updated as of February 2024 and may be revised over time.

I don't take risks contributes to the diffusion of knowledge on natural and man-made risks affecting our country and provides information on how to behave before, during and after a critical event.
The campaign's social profiles include:

  • I don't take risks website content
  • News and updates on the national campaign
  • News and content of interest from the Department of Civil Protection's institutional website
  • Insights on civil protection volunteer topics and good civil protection practices
  • News or relevant events distributed on the websites or social channels of the campaign partners and/or actors of the National Civil Protection Service

Under no circumstances can the I don't take risks social pages respond to emergency requests, which should be addressed exclusively to the single emergency number 112, where already active, or to the other dedicated numbers (113, 115, 118, 1515, 1530 etc.).

For general information on civil protection themes, refer to the Civil Protection Department's Contact Center toll-free number 800 840 840, active from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 8 PM. 
Direct message on Facebook and Instagram profiles are not possible. Responses to users' comments will be posted during the profiles' monitoring hours with reference to:

  • Questions relevant to the subject of the posts
  • General inquiries about the I don't take risks campaign
  • Comments clarifications or insights on good civil protection practices

For specific inquiries about the organization of the campaign (how to join, distribution of information materials, setting up the squares, etc.) please contact the following address:

All users can intervene on I don't take risks social profiles to express their opinion, following the rules of courtesy and respect for others.
Moderation of content is carried out subsequently to its publication and, in any case, during the hours of monitoring. Comments and posts that do not comply with the conditions set out on this page or under any applicable law will be moderated or removed. Therefore, it is hereby observed that:

  • The choice to follow a profile or page does not imply any kind of approval of the content that is posted there. Therefore, anyone posting on I don't take risks social profiles is responsible for the content they post and the opinions they express
  • Insults, profanity, threats or attitudes that harm the dignity of people, the rights of minorities and minors, the principles of freedom and equality, and respect for the Privacy Law are not tolerated
  • Trade solicitations and comments that support or encourage illegal activity are not allowed
  • Content that infringes the copyright or unauthorized use of trademarks is not allowed
  • Comments that include personal data and information (phone number, email box, address, etc.) will be removed

Comments and content of the following kind are also discouraged, and in any case, moderated:

  • Off-topic comments
  • Comments for or against political campaigns or voting suggestions
  • Comments or links posted to disrupt discussion or offend those who manage and moderate social channels
  • Spam
  • Repeatedly posted interventions
  • With respect to individuals who breach these terms of use, it may be considered to proceed with banning, blocking or reporting to the managers of the social platforms, and eventually to the Police Forces.

The personal data processing complies with the existing policies of the platforms used according to the general terms and conditions accepted by users at the time of subscription. Sensitive data posted in comments on I don't take a risk social pages will be removed.

The owner of the processing of personal data is:
Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department of Civil Protection with registered office at Via Ulpiano 11, 00193 Rome,
The Department's staff may acquire knowledge of the data as part of their institutional activities if the use of this information is functional for the purposes of the processing.