Video lessons

These video lessons were realized as part of the "L'attimo decisivo" project to support secondary school teachers when reading the comic strip during their classes.  The initiative is promoted by the Minister for Civil Protection and Sea Policies, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Merit, to raise students' awareness of civil protection issues through a unique project.
The lessons exploring the themes of the first issue of the comic strip are made by representatives of the Civil Protection Department with the collaboration of experts from INGV for seismic and tsunami risk and CIMA Research Foundation for forest fire and flood risk.
The videos concerning the second issue of "L'attimo decisivo," which focuses on volcanic risk and the phenomenon of bradyseism in the Phlegraean area, were made by the Department and INGV-Vesuvius Observatory experts.
The videos are also available on the platform provided by the National Institute for Documentation, Innovation, and Educational Research (INDIRE).

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