Civil Service

Servizio Civile Universale - Immagine in evidenza

"'I don't take risk 365: good civil protection practices'" is the Universal Civil Service program promoted by Anpas, in collaboration with the Civil Protection Department and CIMA Foundation. 

There are three projects in the program: "I don't take risk 365: communication," implemented by the Civil Protection Department and CIMA; "I don't take risk 365: volunteering" and "I don't take risk 365: population," both coordinated by Anpas. 
The initiative is aimed at 18- to 28-year-olds who, with the Civil Service, choose to focus for few months "on the promotion of the founding values of the Italian Republic, through actions for the communities and the territory." 

The selected youths are engaged in the different project offices with the aim of deepening the themes of the I don't take risks campaign, working alongside professionals committed daily in the field of prevention and emergency.

The project takes place at the headquarters of the Civil Protection Department in Rome and at the headquarters of the CIMA Foundation in Savona. Volunteers have the opportunity to promote good civil protection practices every day, through the website and social channels of I don't take risks, and also suggest new formats and languages to bring new generations closer to the topics of risk prevention and mitigation.

A training experience also aimed at understanding the functioning of the National Service of Civil Protection, providing a close look at the activities and tools used to monitor the national territory and the actions implemented by the Components and Operational Structures during emergencies.

The youths selected for this project are employed in various Anpas offices in the Tuscany Region to support activities to inform the population about the risks affecting the territory and the behaviors to adopt to reduce their effects.

An opportunity for young people to work with the civil protection volunteers in organizing initiatives to spread the culture of prevention, as the creation of the I don't take risks squares and public meetings, contributing to the growth of prepared and resilient communities.

The project takes place in several local administration offices of the Abruzzo Region and Anpas territorial headquarters. The young people selected for this initiative work alongside volunteers and technicians in experimental "participatory planning" activities aimed at updating municipal civil protection plans.
The aim is to raise awareness among citizens and increase their knowledge of rules of behavior to adopt in the event of an emergency, but also to make each person an active participant in the local Civil Protection System, promoting their active involvement in planning and prevention actions to improve the safety of their territory.