I don't take risks - Flood

Rischio alluvione

Flood risk became part of Io non rischio in 2014. In the squares where the campaign takes place, citizens meet trained and prepared civil protection volunteers, to spread best practices to be adopted in order to reduce the consequences of a flood, from the moment an alert is issued.

To best convey the information, volunteers bring a number of items to the square: the flood tent - a simple but effective tool that allows citizens to become active participants in the risk reduction process - and the timeline, an installation with which it is possible to take a symbolic journey through past events and from which valuable lessons can be learned in terms of awareness and prevention.
The early warning system roll-up, on the other hand, provides essential information on alert levels and event scenarios to which certain effects and damages correspond.

Find out now what to know before and what to do during and after a flood.

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