Interactive maps


From this page you can access interactive maps of earthquakes and tsunamis carried out by  INGV and those of floods carried out by INGV in collaboration with CNR Irpi. We would like to thank Esri Italia for the support to the realization.

The section dedicated to seismic risk allows to explore the Italian territory through 4 maps to discover its seismic hazard, the earthquakes that have occurred in the past, the seismic history of provincial capitals and the recent seismicity from 2000 to 2018, recorded by the National Seismic Network of INGV.

In the interactive map of tsunami risk, the events that gave origin to the tsunamis of the past were classified according to their intensity. It is also possible to see the causes that triggered them.

The flood risk section provides two interactive maps with the geographical distribution of flood events that have caused direct damage to people over the past 50 years (1965-2014) and the number of flood events per square kilometer for each Italian region during the period 1918-2001.