Flood effects on the population

The map shows the geographical distribution of flood events in the last 50 years (1965-2014) that have caused direct damage to people. The data come from a more extensive catalogue which is the most complete and updated time series concerning flood events with damage to the population throughout the Italian territory. The catalogue collects data and information from the year 589 to the present day and, for each flood event, reports the exact or approximate number of dead, missing, wounded, displaced and homeless people that the event has caused and that it was possible to extrapolate from historical sources, chronicles and literature used in its compilation. The data are used to study the geographical and temporal distribution of damaging events, to quantify the impact that these events have on the population and the levels of risk to which it is subject. The blue symbols on the map represent the events that have caused casualties or deaths and/or injuries and/or dispersed, the light blue symbols represent the events that caused evacuated and/or homeless people.

Additional information, updated maps and statistics on the impact that the geo-hydrological events have on the population are available at this address http://polaris.irpi.cnr.it/

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