Volunteers from Campania “to school” of I don’t take risk Volcano Phlegraean Fields before the exercise

Published on 8/10/2019 in News

Study day at the Vesuvius Observatory in Naples for those who will work to disseminate information on good civil protection practices during Exe Flegrei 2019

The training activity for the Phlegraean Fields 2019 Exercise continues. It was held yesterday in Naples, in the headquarters of the Vesuvian Observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), a meeting reserved for volunteers who will carry out the activities of diffusion of the campaign I don’t take risks Phlegraean Fields Volcano.

The volunteers who took part to the study day will be committed on three fronts: in the 8 squares of the municipalities in the red Phlegraean area in which the gazebos will be set up, to support the work of local technicians in the 5 Info point that will be organized to explain the municipal plans for civil protection and for the activity of dissemination of knowledge about I don’t take risks at the Central Station of Naples, in the cars in which the removal of the citizens of Pozzuoli will be simulated.

“Thanks to the exercise a new risk has been developed, the one on the Phlegraean Fields Volcano, as part of the campaign I don’t take risks”, stressed the head of Training and Communication Services of the Department Rita Sicoli during the opening session, “and you have a great responsibility because you are called to present this new idea during the exercise, which will close the first edition of the National Week of Civil Protection. In the context of Exe Flegrei 2019 the activity that you will carry out with the citizens will be very important because the meetings with the population for the dissemination of culture and good practices of civil protection have considerable relevance and are included among the priority objectives of the exercise”.

Dangerousness and monitoring of the Phlegraean Fields were the topics dealt with by Francesca Bianco, Director of the Vesuvian Observatory, who explained to volunteers how the activity of the structure is carried out “on the ground”, through simulations to monitor the state of the volcano and to give prompt and timely guidance to the Civil Protection System. The monitoring, said Bianco, is carried out by the Observatory through a seismic network, consisting of 38 digital stations and 6 analog and wave buoys, equipment that through a global and coordinated activity allow you to have direct control of the state of the Phlegraean caldera.

The following speeches illustrated to the volunteers, the scenarios and the alert levels, the national civil protection planning and the population removal plan that will be tested during Exe Flegrei 2019. During the exercise, was stressed by civil protection officials of the Campania Region, will be checked the strategic aspects, operational and methodological planning of the sector, with the purpose of arriving at the updating of territorial planning for volcanic risk and test the model of intervention for the red zone.

Finally, the volunteers participating in the training meeting were presented with the new information materials developed by the working group of experts from the Department, the Vesuvian Observatory, the Campania Region and the I don’t take risks Campaign Partners that will be used for meetings with the population that will be actively involved in the exercise on Saturday, October 19.

The leaflet  (pdf) that explains in simple terms the indications on what the citizen should know to learn “from the beginning” the actions on how best to deal with a possible emergency and that describes how the alert works, which are the areas at risk and what provides for the civil protection plan;

The card  (pdf) that describes what the citizen must do in the operational phases of attention, early warning, alarm and in case of eruption.

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