A tweetstorm of I don’t take risks 2018

Published on 10/10/2018 in News

An important moment of participation and collaboration useful to promote the campaign: it’s the “tweetstorm” that in the past editions has brought the hashtag #iononrischio to the top positions in the trending topics of Twitter. The tweetstorm will come back again this year to invite citizens to take to the streets on Saturday October 13 and Sunday 14.

The Head of the Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli, during the press conference on Thursday October  11, at 10:30 am will launch the Tweetstorm # iononrischio2018 posting the first Tweet. From that moment until 12:30 we will maximize the attention of Twitter users on issues of prevention and good civil protection practices.

Anyone can participate: we give the possibility to use a set of tweets to publish on their Twitter account. All tweets are customizable and it is always advisable, if the available space allows it, to accompany them with a mention (user name preceded by the symbol of the @, to make the tweet visible to the user that we mention), photos, videos and link. You can also use photos and links that we provide on this page.

Let’s make the dedicated hasthag enter the list of Italian trending topics!

You can follow the live press conference on our Facebook fan page starting tomorrow at 10:00.

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