PicMap I don’t take risks, the new platform for sharing and aggregating geo-localized images of the campaign, is now online and ready to use. PicMap is a web-app that can be easily used with any mobile and non-mobile devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) and in a few simple steps you can share your photos through an automatic geo-referencing process or, in case of no gps connection, manually. Once shared, the photos are aggregated and displayed on a map based on their geographic location. In this way, those who would like to follow, even live, the I don’t take risks events organized in any town, will be able to do so easily.

Anyone can use PicMap. Just use the application directly from this page or click on this link and decide whether to access it through Facebook, Google, or as a guest (the features are the same) and then add the photos we want to share, possibly including a caption.

Of course, the more images will share on PicMap and the more mapping will be useful and fun, helping to spread the culture of best practices of civil protection. So let's do it. See you on Saturday 14th in the square with the PicMap link already among your favorites and with the smartphone ready to shoot!