Interactive maps

From this page you can reach the earthquake and tsunami interactive maps implemented by INGV (National Institute of Volcanology and Geophysics) in cooperation with CNR Irpi that made its database available.

The seismic risk section allows to browse the Italian territory by recent seismicity (earthquakes occurred in Italy from 2005 to 2015, which had a magnitude greater than or equal to 3.5), past earthquakes, seismic hazard and past earthquakes which had a magnitude greater than or equal to 5.0.

The tsunami risk section shows earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions that have triggered tsunamis occurred in our country in the past.

The flood section offers an interactive map with the geographical distribution of flooding events that have caused direct damage to people over the past 50 years (1964-20014) and one that shows the numbers of flooding events per square kilometer in each  Italian region in the period 1918-2001.