Interactive maps of I don’t risks 2017

Published on 13/10/2017 in Earthquake, Flood, In-depth, Tsunami

PicMap, the map of the squares of the campaign and maps of the risks earthquake, flood and tsunami risks realized by Ingv in collaboration with Esri Italia, is now online

This year, the navigation of interactive maps will be even smoother and fun, thanks to the new section called PicMap, a web app that lets you share and geo-refer in real-time images and photos just taken, pictures and photos that can be instantly explored on the Italian map. In addition, all the maps have been aggregated and you can move from one to another with just a click. In the footnote you will find the link to this aggregator, which is a Story Map that lets you explore all the interactive maps.

Inside, you can find the PicMap application, the map of the squares of the campaign with their links to the detailed information of each initiative in each capital, the map of the seismic danger, the earthquakes that have occurred in the past, the seismic history of the capitals of provinces and seismicity from 2005 to 2017 recorded by the National Seismic Network of Ingv.

In the Map of tsunami risk, the events that gave origin to the past tsunamis were classified according to their intensity and differentiated according to the various causes that triggered them. Flood risk maps tell the geographic distribution of flood events that caused direct damage to people in the period 1965-2014, and the number of flood events per square kilometer for each Italian region in the period 1918-2001.

Interactive maps are an easy and intuitive way to find out about the I don’t take risks campaign and the risks that characterize the Italian territory, exploring different aspects. Always with the aim of increasing the knowledge and awareness of each of us on best practices of civil protection.

To browse the map in full screen mode CLICK HERE

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