The campaign

The 2016 edition of Io non rischio will be held on the weekend of 15 and 16 October, with about 700 squares distributed throughout the Italian territory. The objective of the campaign is to spread best practices of civil protection and awareness about earthquake, tsunami and flood risks.

In particular, this year we’ll talk about flood risk in more than 350 squares, thanks to the civil protection volunteers of the national organizations Agesci, Ana, Anai, ANC, Anpas, Anvvfc, National Association of Pharmacists, Cisom, Chives, CNGEI, Cri, It was, Fin, Fir-CB, Lares, Legambiente Onlus, Misericordie d’ Italia, Modavi, Prociv Arci, Prociv Italy, Association Psychologists for the People, RNRE, Unitalsi, Vab and with regional associations and local groups.

The campaign Io non rischio Alluvione (I don’t take risks Flood), launched on an experimental basis in 2014, is promoted and organized by: Department of Civil Protection, Anpas- National Association of Public Assistance, National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, and the Consortium of the Network of University Laboratories of Seismic Engineering, in collaboration with AIPo – Interregional Agency for the River Po, Harp ER – regional Agency for prevention and environment of Emilia-Romagna, the Arno River basin Authority, Cami-Lab – Laboratory of Environmental Mapping and Modelling Hydrogeology University Calabria, Cima – International Centre for environmental monitoring, Irpi – research Institute for the Protection and hydrogeological Ispra – Institute for environmental Protection and research.