The campaign

The info points I don’t take risks Earthquake are realized thanks to the volunteers of civil protection of the national organizations Agesci, Ana, Anai, Anc, Anpas, Avis, Anvvfc, Caritas italiana, Cisom, Cives, Cngei, Cri, Era, Fin, Fir-CB, Lares, Legambiente Onlus, Misericordie d’Italia, Nucleo di protezione civile Inps, Prociv Arci,Prociv Italia, Rnre, Ucis, Unitalsi, Vab, the regional associations and the local groups.

The seismic risk has been the first to be taken in the squares since the first edition of 2011, thanks to the collaboration among the Department of Civil Protection, ANPAS- National Association of Pubbliche Assistenze, INGV- National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and ReLUIS- Laboratories University Network of seismic engineering.