Informative materials

During the week-end dedicated to the campaign, informative stands will be set up in squares of the chosen municipalities. The volunteers will distribute informative materials and will answer to the citizens’ questions on the possible actions to carry out to reduce seismic risk.

A totem is the centre of each set-up of the I don’t take Risks – Earthquake square: an installation composed by stacked boxes, colourful and illustrated , that contains games and interactions on seismic risk, to improve the communication between volunteers and citizens.

Download the informative materials of the campaign:

Leaflet. It explains in a clear language what the citizen needs to learn and reduce the earthquake damages and he can at home, with the advice of a technician, or on his own, immediately.

Card. It contains useful information for families on  the rules of behavior  to adopt in case during and right after an earthquake. The card can be stored and hanged up.

The materials can be downloaded only for personal use. If you wish to use them for initiatives with civil protection purposes different from I don’t take risks – Earthquake, please remember that they are copyright-protected and you would need to send a request of authorization with the description of the initiative to