I don't take risks is held in the Italian squares during the weekend dedicated to the national event and in other squares set-up throughout the year for local initiatives, international workshops, conferences or cultural events.

Edition 2018

Find out the events of the eighth edition, that will be held on Saturday, October 13 and Sunday, October 14, in the interactive map. The map can be browsed with the drag and drop function. The +/- keys activate the zoom in/out functions, while the Home key bring you back to the initial enlargement.

iconlayer The "layer" icon allows to choose and select the visualization of the squares of each day of the campaign at once or both at the same time.

iconlegenda The "legenda" icon indicates the different colours of the squares: the yellow pointers represent the October 13 squares, the orange pointers the October 14 ones.

bookmark giallobookmark arancioneBy selecting one pointer on the map, a pop-up opens with information on the Municipality, namely: region, province, municipality, address, risks discussed in the square, type of event, voluntary associations that have take part to the square.

icon14ottobreisto icon13ottobreistoThe pie chart icons allow to visualize info graphics with the distribution of squares in each region, for each day of the campaign.

To visualize a full screen map click HERE.