The most effective way to defend ourselves from a risk is to know it. Such knowledge, in order to be useful, usually entails a level of in-depth analysis that can hardly be conveyed with a simple radio or TV advert.

Ideally, a citizen should have the possibility of a talk with somebody able to explain what he or she needs to know on earthquakes, tsunamis and any other risks, maybe meeting him right where he lives, on a Saturday or Sunday morning. And this is where a we had our lightbulb moment: volunteers of civil protection!

The voluntary work associations of civil protection are everywhere in Italy. Volunteers live and operate on their own territory, they get to know it and are, in turn known by local institutions and citizens. Who else could inform on the risks our territory is exposed to?

This is where the primal idea of Io non rischio – I don’t take risks comes from: training volunteers of civil protection on risk knowledge and communication and then make them go on the streets of their cities and towns to meet citizens and inform them. An idea conceived and proposed by Anpas and immediately shared by the Department of Civil Protection, Ingv and ReLuis, and then, progressively extended to other association of civil protection. If we want to give our great idea some legs, this time we will need lots of legs.