“I don’t take risks” campaign in Morocco for the Population Awareness workshop in the framework of the PPRD South III Mission

Published on 16/12/2019 in News

On December 11 and 12, a seminar on population awareness was held in Rabat, as part of the PPRD South III Mission for the evaluation and planning of national capacity building activities on risk analysis and mapping.

The Civil Protection Department, involved in the third phase of the PPRD South program, participates in the Management Consortium run by Expertise France, the French agency for international cooperation responsible for the administrative and financial management of the Department’s activities.

In this framework, the Department focuses on activities related to the analysis and mapping of natural risks, risk monitoring and early warning systems including emergency planning, and the development of national capacities in beneficiary countries to interact effectively and profitably with the structures of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. Beneficiary countries are Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Lebanon.

In this framework, the Civil Protection Department contributed to the workshop by organizing and carrying out workshops with the aim of informing the participants about the risk awareness campaign.

The practical activity was carried out in line with the model of the campaign “I don’t take risks” familiar to the participants from the workshop of 24 July 2019 held in Barcelona. The participants, Civil Protection officials from the beneficiary countries of the program, will follow the “I don’t take risks” project with the aim of raising public awareness of good civil protection and risk prevention practices.

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